About the ATRN

History and Purpose

The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) is an international membership organisation of African revenue authorities, and currently has 38 member countries from the continent.  It serves as an African network that aims at improving tax systems in African through information exchanges, knowledge dissemination, capacity development and active contribution to the regional and global tax agenda.  

Ultimately, ATAG strives to build efficient and effective tax administrations in Africa to become the leader on African tax matters, enhance economic development and improve the living standards of the people of Africa.  From its beginning in 2009, when it was formally launched in Kampala, Uganda, ATAF has been growing in stature and influence.  Today ATAF is an important voice in taxation in Africa and the world.

The ATRN was established at an ATAF-convened African Academic Forum in Nairobi in August 2013.  The objectives of the network are as follows:
  • Generate research results for use by policy-makers and tax administrators
  • Promote links between tax researchers, policy-makers and stakeholders
  • Build an independent network of academics, policy-makers, tax administrators and independent tax researchers in Africa.
  • Influence the African tax research agenda.
Through these objectives, the ATRN seeks to promote high-level multidisciplinary research in the areas of tax policy, legislation, administration, and development in Africa, thereby enhancing the research capacity, knowledge sharing, and exchange of best practice on tax matters on the continent.

The ATRN's vision is to be the platform of choice for African Tax Research.

The Network's mission is to facilitate African capacity for credible research in tax policy, administration, law and leadership.
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