2016 - Tuesday 6 September

ATRN 2016 - Congress Programme and Speakers

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Tuesday 6 September 2016


POLICY PANEL 2  08:30 - 10:00

PLENARY:  Room Desroches

Policy Panel 2: Sustainable economic growth through co-operative compliance
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Mr. Logan Wort - Executive Secretary, African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF), South Africa (Chair)
Mr. Carel Gericke - Executive: Group Tax, MTN Group Ltd, South Africa
Mr. Jonathan Leigh Pemberton - Vienna University of Economics and Business’ Global Tax Policy Centre, Austria
Mr. Eelco van der Enden - Global Leader, PwC, Netherlands
Ms. Nikki Oberholzer - Head of International Tax, VODACOM, South Africa


SESSION A  10:30 - 12:30

ROOM 1: Desroches
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Research Session 13: Tax Compliance Experiments
Chair: Mr. Andrew Chege

Tax Compliance in Rwanda (Nara Monkam (ATAF) Giulia Mascagni (ICTD) Denis Mukama (RRA))
ROOM 2: Alphonse
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Research Session 14: Tax Policy
Chair: Dr. Attiya Waris

Discussant: (Lanre Kassim)
Building a ‘trust based truth’ Tax Environment in African Countries (Eelco van der Enden )

Discussant: (Steve Macey)
The Retrospective Amendments to Tax Legislation and the Taxpayer’s Right to Property and Economic Freedom (Stephanus Van Zyl)

ROOM 3: Marie Louise
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Research Session 15: Tax Administration
Chair: Dr. Jalia Kangave

Discussant: (Anne Nyaga)
VAT on Mobile Phone Handsets – The Cases of Kenya and Rwanda (Alasdair Mackintosh)

Discussant: (Evelyne Sylvester Mwambije)
Effect of Electronic Fiscal Devices on VAT Collection in Tanzania (Andrew G Chege)
ROOM 4: Crew Lounge
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Research Session 16: Mineral Resource Taxation
Chair: Prof. Solomon Picciotto

Discussant: (Randall Carolissen)
Product Sharing Contracts (Judy W. Mbugua)

Discussant: (Zie Ballo)
Mining and Petroleum Taxation in Kenya: Past and Current Practice and Emerging Issues (Clement Okello Migai)

LUNCH 12:30 - 13:30

SESSION B  13:30 - 15:30

ROOM 1:  Desroches
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Research Session 17: Tax Administration
Chair: Dr Randall Carolissen

Discussant: (Annet Oguttu)
Recruitment and Registration of Taxpayers – Experience with Block Management System in Kenya (Pauline Nyawira Mwangi)

Discussant: (Vera Mshana)
Freeing up Tax Revenue in Dispute: a case for engaging alternative tax dispute resolution strategies. (Wangui W.Mwaniki)
ROOM 2:  Alphonse
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Research Session 18: Taxation of the Informal Sector

Chair: Prof. Ada Jansen

Discussant: (William McCluskey)
Are Presumptive Taxes the Answer to Informal Sector Taxation? Kenya’s Experience (Anne Wanyagathi Maina)

Discussant: (John Chakasikwa)
The Effectiveness of Zimbabwe’s Presumptive Tax Regime on Informal and Small Businesses (Kamutanho Shingirirai)

ROOM 3: Marie Louise
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Research Session 19: Mineral Resource Taxation
Chair: Mr. Tunde Aremu

Discussant: (Zie Ballo)
La Société Civile et les Régimes Fiscaux des Industries Extractives en Afrique Noire Francophone (Thialy Faye)

Discussant: (Alasdair Mackintosh)
Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Sector- Tax Revenues, Leakages and Costs: The Case of Zambia and Zimbabwe (Darlington Muyambwa )
ROOM 4: Crew Lounge
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Research Session 20: Environmental and Excise Taxation
Chair: Dr. Attiya Waris

Tobacco Taxes and the Sustainable Development Goals in the Context of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (Vinayak Prasad; Yaya Manneh; Caxton Masudi Ngyewo; Corne Van Walbeek; Evan Blecher)

Discussant: (Emily Muyaa)
The Heterogeneous Impact of a Successful Tobacco Control Campaign: A Case Study of Mauritius (Hana Ross )


SESSION C 15:45 - 17:45

ROOM 1: Desroches
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Research Session 21: Tax Treaties
Chair: Prof. Solomon Picciotto

Discussant: (Priscar Hoko)
Unilateral Tax Treaty Override in East Africa (Andrew Alfayo Warambo)

Discussant: (Estian Calitz)
Sub-Saharan Africa’s Tax Treaties: a review of six taxing rights ( Lovisa Moller & Savior Mwambwa)
ROOM 2: Alphonse
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Research Session 22: Fiscal Discentralization and Tax Policy
Chair: Dr Nara Monkam

Discussant: (Giulia Mascagni)
Alternative Approaches to Value-based Property Tax in Africa: An Exploratory View of Self-Assessment (Riël CD Franzsen)

Discussant: (Denis Mukama)
Recognition of the Rights of Taxpayers and its Implications (Ifeanyichukwu Azuka Aniyie)

ROOM 3: Marie Louise
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Research Session 23: Tax Administration
Chair: Mr. Spyton Phiri

Discussant: (Ebune Bertrand Njuma)
SWOT Analysis: a case of a sub-national tax authority (Mustapha Ndajiwo)

Discussant: (Darlington Muyambwa)
The Travelling Technologies of Taxation (Nimmo Osman Elmi)
ROOM 4: Crew Lounge
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Research Session 24: International Taxation
Chair: Mr. Maurice Ochieng

Discussant: (Bèkêyi Essowèdéou Sogoyou)
Les Prix de Transfert et le Developpement Durable quel Role pour les Administrations Fiscales Africaines: Cas du Togo (Passouki Adoki)

Discussant: (Andrew G Chege)
Prevent Treaty Abuse: Action 6 of The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project Analysed from an African Perspective (Annet Wanyana Oguttu)

GALA DINNER  19:00 - 21:00

Island Trader Restaurant, Coral Strand Hotel, Beau Vallon Vitcoria, Mahé, Seychelle
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